What IS the Creative Conservatory?!

The Creative Conservatory is about celebrating the tiny triumphs. Celebrating the awakening superpowers of creativity that help children become the best versions of themselves. The Creative Conservatory provides children with rich opportunities to experience dance, music, drama, and the visual arts in an effort to awaken their creativity, passion, confidence, and kindness. 

Come join us in our pre-k program as we explore the world of creativity in an educational environment.

When we begin to read we start with ABC; when you sing you begin with Do, Re, Mi; at the Creative Conservatory awakening the artistic child is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

The Creative Conservatory helps simplify your life as a parent, but continues to enrich your child's life by introducing them to visual arts, music, dance, and theatre. Gone are the times that you need to register for preschool, dance lessons, music lessons, and art classes. The Creative Conservatory provides all of that in one program. Click below to find out more! 


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