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More About Us

DPAC welcomes kids of all and various abilities. We believe the arts reveal and deepen the capacity of students with disabilities. We believe the arts give students with disabilities increased access to the world and increased possibilities in that world. And we very much believe the arts provide all students, with or without disabilities, working with and supporting each other, critical insights, empathy and increased motivation and opportunity to grow new, multiple, meaningful relationships.

DPAC was founded on the belief that involvement in the performing arts can help young people develop not only onstage abilities, but wonderful skills off stage as well.  Improved confidence, self-awareness, and increased creativity are just a few of the benefits that have resulted from participating.  There is a fantastic camaraderie and lifelong friendships and relationships are formed quickly and often deeply.  

At DPAC, students are never turned away by their ability to pay. As a result, we receive several requests for scholarships. We are able to achieve this through the generosity of people like you. In addition to cover scholarship needs, all grants and donations received help offset production costs. 

DPAC is a non-profit youth education organization and is a trade name of entity Imaginary Friends Productions 501c3. We appreciate you taking this opportunity to play a principal role in helping change kids’ lives.

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