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Acro Dance

Acro Dance combines classical dance techniques with acrobatic elements, creating a dynamic and expressive form of movement. This class focuses on developing strength, flexibility, balance, and agility through a progressive series of exercises and skills. Students will learn acrobatic tricks such as cartwheels, backbends, handstands, and aerials, which are seamlessly integrated with dance steps and choreography. Emphasis is placed on proper technique, safety, and body awareness, ensuring students learn in a supportive and structured environment. Acro Dance enhances overall athleticism and coordination, making it suitable for dancers looking to expand their skills and creativity through a blend of dance and acrobatics. 

This class will perform in a winter and spring recital. 


Acro Dance

Wednesdays 6:50-7:50 beginning August 21st

Ages 7+

Instructor: Mrs. Vanessa

Tuition: $75 monthly (August-May), $85 costume fee September and February, $80 recital fee November and April. Recital fee comes with 4 tickets to recital.

Registration Fee


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