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Ballet II

A comprehensive class designed to establish a strong foundation in ballet technique while accommodating both beginner and intermediate level students. This class combines grace, discipline, and elegance of ballet with an emphasis on technical development, musicality, and artistic expression. Students will focus on solid ballet vocabulary and mastering fundamental ballet movements, positions, and terminology. Through structured exercises, barre work, center work, and across-the-floor combinations participants will develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness. This class also emphasizes proper alignment and posture to enchance the quality and precision of movement. This class will peform in the winter and spring recital.



Ballet II

Mondays 6:30-7:30 beginning August 19th

Ages: 7+ (This is a skill based class and is where all beginner/intermediate students should be regardless of age)

Instructor: Mrs. Brenda

Tuition: $75 monthly (August-May), $85 costume fee in September and February, $80 recital fee in November and April- recital fee includes 4 tickets to recital.

Registration Fee


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